James Woolf



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"I thought this story was genuinely funny – in a way that induced large, stomach-heaving honks of laughter – but beneath the humour there was a freight of real sadness, or even darkness, and it was this that elevated the work above its own constraints."
KEVIN BARRY on R V Sieger - additional documents disclosed by the Crown Prosecution Service


Rebecca’s unreliable boyfriend is trying to catch the Yorkshire Ripper. But a killer much closer to home is trying to murder her.

Three Steps Behind is a psychological thriller set in Yorkshire between 1979 and 1981. It tells the story of wealthy local business women, Rebecca Ferguson, who will need every ounce of her strength to deal with the life or death situation that is developing.

Three Steps Behind was longlisted in the Novel category of the 2018 Yeovil Literary Prize. There were 19 longlisted stories from 460 entries.

The house is silent when she unlocks the door. Rebecca knows her mother will be in Jon Peters furniture store. She goes straight into the front room where he often sits reading; it is empty. She calls out to him. 


What may differentiate Three Steps Behind from many on the market is the interweaving of fact and fiction. As well as layering a fictional story over the febrile atmosphere at the time of the Yorkshire Ripper, the novel uses real and invented documents throughout the book. James' interest in social history and the position of women in society are also crucial to the narrative.