James Woolf



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"I thought this story was genuinely funny – in a way that induced large, stomach-heaving honks of laughter – but beneath the humour there was a freight of real sadness, or even darkness, and it was this that elevated the work above its own constraints."
KEVIN BARRY on R V Sieger - additional documents disclosed by the Crown Prosecution Service


Three Steps Behind is a psychological thriller set in Yorkshire between 1979 and 1981. Its tone is very much informed by the activities of the Yorkshire Ripper.

The novel tells the story of wealthy local business women, Rebecca Ferguson, who will need every ounce of her strength to deal with the life or death situation that is developing.

"The day had begun well enough. Now it has become a day of tragedy, the most unspeakably awful of all days, the one that will define her teenage years and a good many beyond. "


James researched the period and location extensively, speaking with many people who were living in Leeds at that time as well as reading numerous books, articles and original newspapers. He shared the novel with around a dozen other writers during the writing stage and is now sharing it with literary agents.