Leland Cheuk's novel No Good Very Bad Asian will be published by C&R Press in September 2019.

Sara Collins' novel The Confessions of Frannie Langton will be published by Penguin in the UK in April 2019, and by Harper Collins in North America in May 2019.

Gabriel Dylan's novel White- out was published by Stripes Publishing on 10th January 2019.

Judith Heneghan's novel Snegurochka will be published by Salt in April 2019.

Helen Kitson's novel The Last Words of Madeleine Anderson will be published by Louise Walters Books in March 2019.

Zoe May's
As Luck Would Have It will be published by HQ Harper Collins in June 2019.

Ely Percy's novel Vicky Romeo Plus Joolz will be published by Errant Knight Press in March 2019.

No Good Very Bad Asian: 'Meet Sirius Lee, a fictive famous Chinese American Comedian. He is a no good, very bad Asian.'

T​he Confessions of Frannie Langton: 1826, London. Crowds gather at the gates of the Old Bailey to watch as Frannie Langton, maid to Mr and Mrs Benham, goes on trial for their murder.

Whiteout: 'She sat down and  told us a story. About things that lived in the woods. Things that only came out at night.'

Snegurochka: 'Something terrible is happening here. Something terrible has already happened.'

The Last Words of Madeleine Anderson: 'The mysteries of storytelling reveal their many layers - this sophisticated and unsettling debut had me hooked from beginning to end.'​

As Luck Would Have It:
Two enemies. One romantic getaway. What could possibly go wrong?

Vicky Romeo Plus Joolz: A genre-blending queer tartan reply to the rom coms of the 80s written in the style of an Italian-American gangster movie.    

Teaser Paragraphs

No Good Very Bad Asian
  'When I was twelve, the old Chinese lady in the apartment next door croaked, and it turned out that she was a hoarder. Our landlord hired a team of Mexicans to clear her tiny apartment, and in the hallway, I discovered that the woman had a treasure trove of used VHS tapes, including Rant in E-Minor by Bill Hicks and Eddie Murphy’s Raw. She was one of those ladies who went around collecting aluminum cans to recycle. Who knew she was into the funny (and Eddie Murphy’s endless bits about the nature of a lady’s private parts)? Life is a self-published mystery.
I stole those tapes, and when I watched Hicks, in that black suit jacket and turtleneck, being smarter and funnier than everyone else, doing that bit ripping parents for thinking their babies were special even though children came from millions upon millions of sperm, I laughed harder than I’d ever laughed.
I started stealing from my mom’s wallet to buy standup CDs from the Tower Records near home, and then I’d sneak them into the house in my baggy shorts like a prisoner hiding a shank so my family wouldn’t ask me any unwanted questions. Late at night, I’d plug headphones into an old Discman and listen to Strategic Grill Locations by Mitch Hedberg or Bigger and Blacker by Chris Rock. My living room/bedroom transformed into an imaginary comedy club where I wasn’t a chubby, pimply teen suffocated by his family anymore. I was just another person in the audience.'

Genre: Literary Comedy
Publication date: September 2019
  1. No Good Very Bad Asian
The Confessions of Frannie Langton
  1. The Confessions of Frannie Langton
  'My trial starts the way my life did: a squall of elbows and shoving and spit. From the prisoners’ hold they take me through the gallery, down the stairs and past the table crawling with barristers and clerks. Around me a river of faces in flood, their mutters rising, blending with the lawyers’ whispers. A noise that hums with all the spite of bees in a bush. Heads turn as I enter. Every eye a skewer.'

Genre: Literary/Commercial
Publication date: 4 April 2019, UK. 21 May 2019, North America
  'They were sitting in the hotel lounge, the last of the light long gone from the sky, when a dull, insistent pounding on the door stopped Stefan mid-sentence.
Several of the girls screamed.
One of the rugby boys swore, the word loaded with fright.
And then it came again.
Thump. Thump.  
Stefan looked like he was on the edge of exhaustion.
He had stood by the fire, dripping on the carpet, hollowly reassuring them that everything would be all right.
Tomorrow, he said, somebody would be on their way. Tomorrow the internet would be back and they’d all laugh about what had happened.'

Genre: YA horror
Publication date: 10 January 2019

  1. White out
  'Elena Vasilyevna, caretaker of the apartment block on Staronavodnitska Street, awakes from her nap and watches to see if the foreign woman from the thirteenth floor will know what to do. She doesn’t hold her breath, for the woman doesn’t show herself for a week; she certainly doesn’t go shopping for the right kind of flour. Instead, when she finally emerges from the lift with her fat little baby in that flimsy foreign buggy, off they dawdle past the kiosks on Kutuzova as if there’s no such thing as winter. The baby isn’t dressed properly and shouldn’t be outside. Elena has tried telling her, but the woman just pulls an ugly face and leaves the lobby door wide open. The buggy makes marks on the floor.'

Genre: Modern fiction
Publication date: April 2019
  1. Snegurochka
The Last Words of Madeleine Anderson
  'Hands cradling my cooling cup, I watched the waitress take his order, her manner very different from when she’d taken mine. Unfair, of course, that youthful beauty should be so bewitching, the rest of us invisible courtiers to these princelings and princesses. We’re programmed to admire things and people that please our eyes, so I didn’t resent the attention the waitress paid to my companion, irritated only by the fact that she probably assumed I was his mother. I was about the right age. The thought depressed me beyond reason. Simon was here only because I’d written a novel he admired, but I was vain enough to mind being written off as an unthreatening middle-aged woman by a slip of a girl with a ladder in her tights and wrinkles in her tiny black skirt.'

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Publication date: March 2019
  1. The Last Words of Madeleine Anderson
As Luck Would Have It
"My mum plasters a smile onto her face as she takes in my frazzled, vomit-spattered appearance.

‘You don’t look that bad,’ she insists.

‘Great!’ I retort sarcastically. ‘I look awful.’

It’s true, I do. I go over to the car window and take in my reflection. I’m a complete mess. My nice jumpsuit it covered in gunk and my whole boob area is dark and splodgy from all the dabbing away I’ve been doing with the baby wipes. All the stress has made my hair go even frizzier than it was before and the BB cream that I’d convinced myself gave me a subtle glow when I applied it at home isn’t even remotely covering the pale washed-out look of my face. I’m a far cry from the single glamourous girl-boss I used to be and I’m don’t exactly look like Mum of the Year either. I should just head home already. This is what happens when you tell yourself real life is better than Netflix."

Genre: Romantic Comedy
Publication date: June 2019
The cover to As Luck Would Have it is not yet available.

  1. As Luck Would Have It
Vicky Romeo Plus Joolz 
  ' I only ever cried over three people in my life:
First time I was six years old, and Ma had just told me that Dad had gone to live someplace else and that he wasn’t ever coming back. Now I loved my daddy, I thought he was the best dad in the world. He used to sing to me, he used to sing all the old jazz and blues classics by stars like Sinatra and Nat King Cole. He took all his records with him the day he moved out. And the note I left about the money for my school trip, he didn’t even sign it.
The second time I cried was when my first girlfriend left me:
I was sweet sixteen and never been kissed until I met her. I was in love for the very first time; I thought I’d spend the rest of my life with her then she broke my heart. 
It was a long time later – felt like a lifetime – before I met another girl; I fell in love all over again. From the very first moment I ever set eyes on her I knew she was special. Her name was Joolz and she was the third.'

Genre: Hybrid fiction
Publication date: 15 March 2019
The cover to Vicky Romeo Plus Joolz is not yet available.

  1. Vicky Romeo Plus Joolz

How our writers celebrated
news of their book deals

Leland Cheuk

Sara Collins

Gabriel Dylan

“I’m not sure I did. The celebration comes when you’re out doing readings, celebrating with your friends and family who supported you throughout the process.”
"I danced around a hotel room in Amsterdam with my husband, then went to the bar downstairs for the best gin and tonic I have ever had."
“I’d just come out of a Year 8 parents’ evening when I got the message. I went home and everyone was asleep. I sat in front of the TV with a beer, watched Game of Thrones, and had a little cry.”

Judith Heneghan

Helen Kitson

Zoe May

"I remember it well. With a shot of ice-cold vodka I keep at the back of the freezer."
"Wine. Chocolate. Telling everyone."
 "I was alone when I got the news and totally overwhelmed. I bought a small bottle of Prosecco from Marks & Spencer and walked to the top of Greenwich Park and had a drink, looking over the city, while trying to take it all in."

Ely Percy

“I’m not sure I did! My editor asked me to keep it secret until nearer the date of publication. I’d already sent an extract to Fearless Femme magazine for their LGBT-themed issue, so when they came back wanting to publish it we ended up making an early announcement to coincide with Pride month – I suppose this was a celebration in itself.”

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